Moving is not so simple as you may think and it is of no importance where you plan moving, in the other state or in your city; the question: “What to do before you move?” always arises. Any kind of moving brings headache, but if you prearrange it to the point, things will come right. For you to know what to do before you move we offer you to follow our recommendations.

1. Choosing a date of moving.

For you to have no difficulties with the question: ’What to do before you move?’ bear in mind, this step is significant. Nowadays summer is the hottest season for moving and substantially all moving companies are busy. Our company offers you a special program which will save your money and guarantee you discount on some days.

2. Contacting of utility providers.

With an eye to confirm moving officially you have to contact utility providers such as cable, gas, phone, water and etc. For you to avoid misapprehension in future, follow this step as far as it is an obligatory set of things to be done before you move.

3. Packing things beforehand.

If you plan moving in advance don’t forget to begin packing as fast as possible. You may set the stage of preparations from little and not important things and pack one box per day. Such method avoids panic and the question: ‘What to do before you move?”’ will not be so complicated.

4. Select the things you really need.

Moving to the other flat or house is a start of new life. So don’t clutter up it with unnecessary things. Now you know what to do before you move, so find things that are extra and package only the most necessary ones. In this way you will get rid of unnecessary things and the quantity of boxes will be less.

5. Packing of the boxes.

This step is regarded as the most significant and the main advice for you will be not to live everything to the last minute. Nowadays you may use various containers created especially for this or that thing. If you prefer doing it by yourself pack everything carefully. But it would be better for you to make use of moving company services in order to evade troubles with this touchy issue.

6. Necessary documents.

Such documents as driving licence, insurance, bills, mover’s written estimates should always be within easy rich. If you are organized you will always know what to do before you move.

7. Unpacking by the movers.

If you have such an opportunity and want to gain your time, please, let the movers do it. They will get a good job of this task and put things in place because they know much better what to do before you move.

8. Time to celebrate moving.

Now when the task is done and you successfully have moved to the other flat you may enjoy a glass of champagne or wine and to give a sigh of relief.

So now you are aware of what to do before you move and what recommendations to follow. Be mindful of following them and you will never get acquainted with stress and disorder and the phrase: ’What to do before you move?’ wouldn’t sound shocking for you.

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