Below is a quick, detailed list of what to look for when choosing the right Santa Monica furniture movers.

When it comes to choosing the right Santa Monica furniture movers, there are a few things worth considering. Designed to help save you the hassle of working with a sub-par moving company, the following list are a few things you should watch out for when going through the selection process.

1.  Experience

When it comes to Santa Monica furniture movers, the most important thing to consider is experience. Does the company you hire have experience moving the kind of furniture you have? This may seem like an odd question until you consider moving something like a piano or oddly shaped dresser. Does the company offer experienced help in disassembly and reassembly of furniture? Do you feel confident that they will be able to put the furniture back together again after? Look around at reviews to see what other clients have said about their experience to get a true measure of their experience level.  


2. Accountability

Are the Santa Monica furniture movers you are looking at accountable to the community they serve? Are they based within the Santa Monica area or are they not local movers? Simply put, movers based in and around Santa Monica are much more likely to provide the best possible service as they have a reputation in the area that they must maintain to continue getting business. While an international company can provide a sub par experience and get away with it, local companies require you to be satisfied and spread word about the services they offer.


3.  Licensing

Are the Santa Monica furniture movers you are looking into licensed? They should have all necessary licenses, be insured, and also be bonded. Meeting these requirements ensures that the company is not only interested in being fully compliant, but that your possessions have the full protection of the law while being transported. Even if the company offers you an amazing deal on their service, be wary if that service lacks the required, mandatory licensing.


4.  Flexibility

Is the furniture movers capable of meeting your schedule? Do they quickly respond to answers to your inquiries? Do they provide a clear understanding of what the costs will be before the move, along with a detailed listing of everything that is billed? Flexibility both in their ability to work around your schedule and also provide you the information when you need it are good signs that the company you hire is more interested in providing a service than collecting a check.

5.  Moving Materials

Does the moving company you select provide moving materials? Do they include things like packaging materials, blankets, and wardrobe boxes? Are they willing to work with you to pack things up and move them? While a small thing compared to other considerations on our list, the inclusion of moving materials shows that the moving company you hire cares about your business.

6.  Cost

Last but not least when considering Santa Monica furniture movers we come to cost. Cost is often the first thing we consider. The problem with this is that less scrupulous companies will often hide their costs. You will receive the best possible quote compared to the competition. Not until moving day will that cost suddenly increase on you. Suddenly, you will find yourself owing far more than you thought. Having a company that provides accurate quotes upfront is key to fully understand the cost of the work involved.  

A Company You Can Trust

At Move Pro LA, the company to ensure that they are providing the best Santa Monica furniture movers experience possible carefully reviews these considerations and more. Frequently rated as one of the best companies in the area, Move Pro LA offers residential and commercial moving services with a professional team and company that is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Below is an expansion on what services Move Pro LA provides.  

  • Provides residential and commercial moving services
  • Packing supplies included with truck
  • Assembly and disassembly of furniture offered upon request
  • Employs a professional team of experienced movers
  • Moving operations are monitored by a supervisor
  • Free quotes are straightforward, transparent, and accurate
  • Warehouse storage space provided for commercial moves
  • Additional insurance options for moves available
  • Full packing services are provided upon request to residential moves

Contact Us Today

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