Insurance advice for residential moving which will help you when relocating to a new place

In most cases when you move to a new place you always move there your home stuff: furniture, electronics, home supplies, tableware, clothing, and other things. To protect your things from damages and avoid any loss you should better apply to an insurance company. Exactly there (not in moving company!) you can buy residential moving insurance which will cover your loss if something happens to the things when moving. However, some of the moving companies with good reputation are ready to cover the things damages. Trusted moving companies will provide you a residential moving insurance certificate got from their insurance company. In case when the cargo is lost or damaged, you can easily claim for this loss or damage.

Such a document usually has the following paragraphs:

• your residential moving insurance basic coverage

The average coverage for loss or damage is 60 cents for one pound of the stuff weight. Most of things have move value, so the basic coverage will be not enough and you will need

The stuff, which basic residential moving insurance does not cover

– the things, which were not packed in moving boxes,
– the things damaged by natural disasters: hail, tornado, hurricane, fire, earthquake, and so on.

• full-value protection residential moving insurance for 1% of valuation

You can value your moving stuff yourself and pay 1% from this sum to get this kind of residential moving insurance when you relocate to another place. It means if you value your things $60.000, you will pay $600.

In case your belongings are damaged or lost residential moving insurance lets you demanding these things replacement (or repair). The moving company should do it. However, do not wait for the happy moment of damaging your old washing machine. Even if it is seriously damaged, you will get used working stuff.

Valuable jewellery

The residential moving insurance you will get should not cover the damage of the things, which cost over $100 for one pound of their weight. The best recommendation: all jewellery and valuable things should be carried by yourself, not by the company. In some cases you should list valuable things in shipping documents.

Expanded mover coverage options

Many moving companies suggest valuations which are expanded. You can say your things are worth $5 for 1 pound of weight. If your cargo of 9.000 pounds is lost, you can claim for $45.000. In most cases it really referres to the lost but not damaged things. Most of residential moving insurance rules offer replacing the things with the similar ones.

Total loss coverage by insurance

Some insurance companies offer total loss residential moving insurance for their clients. It means if you lose everything when moving (accident with truck, fire, tornado), the lost stuff will be replaced.

Moving is always a great event. It will be an excitement, not a catastrophe if you get your residential moving insurance beforehand. Take care of your things and your money. The sum you will pay for your moving insurance is nothing in comparison with the value you can lose if something happens.

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