Packing supplies and types of moving boxes

There are different types of packing supplies, which you can use moving to your new home. They are: plastic and plastic moving boxes, bubble wrap, cardboard moving boxes, shrink wrap, tissue paper, and foam.

Pastic moving boxes

The list of benefits which offer usual plastic is almost endless. Choosing plastic moving boxes you get lightweight material for packaging. The price for these units is very low. Plastic packing supplies can be bought in most large stores and stores dealing with home improvement stuff. Plastic items for packing are transparent: it lets you see what is inside the box. Thus, your moving becomes more organized.

Cardboard moving boxes

This is the cheapest material, which can be used for packing things when you move. Besides special cardboard moving boxes offered in stores you can use old boxes from your home electronics. Some furniture will “fit into” the boxes left from refrigerators and washing machines. Many homeowners throw these boxes out, the other keep them in their garage. Ask your friends if they have at home some packing supplies which you will use as moving boxes.

Bubble wrap for tableware

wrapping your tableware and some electronics into bubble wrap you will avoid the stuff breaking and cracks. Several layers of bubble wrap works like a cushion which protects things from damages.

Shrink wrap over moving boxes

Such packaging as using shrink wrap over the boxes provides a seal – tight and waterproof. For the better protection of your items packed before wrap the moving boxes with some layers of shrink wrap.

• Tissue paper and newspapers

Tissue paper is the perfect stuff to fill in the boxes with fragile things like porcelain, crystal or glass. If you do not have tissue paper at home use old newspapers instead: it will work as well.

• Foam for packing things

Using cut foam you can fill with it your container with hoke stuff. Cut foam fills in all empty spaces in the box: when the truck is shaking when moving nothing will happen to the things protected by foam layer.

All of these packing supplies can be used when you move to another place, but moving boxes are used always. You moving will be impossible without them. Before your moving buy or get the following types of moving boxes, and your moving to another place will be safe and comfortable:

  • small 1.5 cubic ft(book) cartoons for books and CDs,
  • medium 3.0 cubic ft.cartoons for kitchen stuff and gadgets,
  • 4.5 cubic ft medium large boxes for toys and linens,
  • large cartoon boxes for rugs, blankets, pillows, coats,
  • jewelry boxes,
  • boxes for mirrors,
  • the largest- wardrobe boxes.
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