30 moving tips which will help you on a stressful day

Throughout life we often change our place of living: the area, the city, the country, or even the continent. Each time we move to another home turns into a problem. To avoid chaos when changing home, we offer you the moving tips which will help you to organize moving to another place and even turn the process into a fun.

  • Pack a bag with all documents. Moving to another home always have it at hand.
  • Pack a special bag with all needed stuff for overnight: your change of clothes, napkins, toothpaste and toothbrush, laptop and cell phone.
  • Use clear plastic boxes. Packing small things (wires, phone chargers, tools and whatnot) place them into transparent boxes. These moving tips will help you to find the needed stuff.
  • Wrap all stuff which can be broken using old newspapers or bubble wrap.
  • Label each box. These moving tips are the “musts” in each moving.
  • Label the boxes “By room”.
  • Place more cotton pads to cosmetics with mirrors.
  • Plates should be packed vertically. You will avoid breaking the stuff.
  • Cover the drawers with Press’n Seal. When moving the drawers will be not opened.
  • Wrap all the larger boxes with stretch wrap. These moving tips will protect your furniture from being scratched.
  • Buy sandwich bags. Place in each of them the smaller stuff not to lose when moving to another place.
  • Use beer boxes with handles for packing heavy stuff: books, for example.
  • If you have many electronics with wires, take a photo how these wires are connected not to forget it later.
  • Each of the boxes, bags and cases you keep at home should be packed with things.
  • Pack a bunch of clothes on hangers into a one tight plastic bag.
  • Buy vacuum bags to pack your season clothing. These moving tips will save much place.
  • Donate the stuff you do not need so much.
  • Call your friends to help you in moving and give them some things, food or alcohol.
  • Use color tape to label each box “belonging” to a separate room.
  • Number the boxes
  • Write down on a list what is hidden in each box. Such a separate list should correspond each non-transparent box.
  • Hire the team of professional movers if you have heavy things ( like piano) and much fragile stuff.
  • Take the photos of the rented home before you move there. These moving tips will help you to avoid any problems later.
  • Take the photos of the home you left after you cleaned it off the stuff.
  • Before you move to a new place change the address. You will start getting corresponding to your new mail box on arrival.
  • 5-6 months before your moving start selling things via marketplaces online. You can organize garage sales also.
  • Call to the charity company one-two weeks before your moving. Using these moving tips you will help other people.
  • Grocery shopping should be done at least two weeks before your moving. The least food you have in frig on your moving day – the best.
  • Hire a good sitter for kids. It will help your children to avoid stress on a moving day.
  • Ask your friend or a professional to watch your pets. Using these moving tips you will not lose your friend when moving.

You can also make your shorter list of moving tips. Keep in your mind you should always have at hand documents and the necessary stuff, laptop and cell phone. Boxes should always have labels. You can also use marker to write down on each box what is inside it. The fragile stuff should be wrapped additionally. Moving to another place should not be a stress to your children. Tell them beforehand that the inconveniences are temporary. Babies can stay with their grannies or your relatives for the day you move.

The following moving tips will help you to avoid chaos and stress when you move to a new place.

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