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  • 3 Hour minimum service charge
  • We do not estimate time with accuracy. Almost every move is unique in some way. However we will make necessary adjustments for unsatisfactory service or miscommunication.
  • Only you are responsible for the information you provided so please be very patient and fill in information with accuracy so we can better serve you.

As a local customer you are charged a specified hourly rate, determined by the number of movers requested.

 You are billed simply from the moment we arrived at your current location, to the completion of the move-in process at your final destination location. There are never any charges to get to or from your location. There are no additional charges for stairs or long carriers.

If the distance between your pick-up and drop-off locations is more than 10 miles Double Drive Time (DDT) will be applied for the driving part. For example, if it takes us 15 minutes to drive from your pick-up to drop-off location, we will double it and make it 30 min (same hourly rate applies) and add it on top of the minimum. 

Transportation is charged as Double Drive Time (DDT). DDT is required by the California Public Utilities Commission. DDT is required as a way to eliminate additional fuel or trip charges that could otherwise be (illegitimately) applied to your move. Double Drive Time is simply the amount of time it takes our movers to drive between your current location and your destination location. That time is then doubled, and combined with your overall labor time (packing/loading/unloading) for the day. Your overall labor time and your transportation time are combined and then multiplied times your specified hourly rate. In the event a local move takes in excess of 8 hours, labor, from that point on, will be billed at the overtime rate of time and a half. Customer is responsible for any parking tickets during loading and unloading if it is no place to park.

Wardrobe boxes and blankets are free to use during the move ($15 per box if you decide to keep it) Most items must be packed in order to be transported safely and be covered by insurance in the event of damage or loss. Roll of Bubble wrap $25, 10 pound of Kitchen paper $19,  Boxes Medium size $4 and small size $2 each. Heavy or bulky items such as pianos, pool tables, motorcycles, Jacuzzi, hoisting etc. are subject to an additional $150 charge. Overnight storage subject to an additional $150 charge per night. Valuation coverage $0.60 per/lb. is included in your rate. At MOVE PRO, we realize that you have a variety of options when it comes to transporting your valuable belongings. We greatly appreciate your business and value your decision in choosing MOVE PRO.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.
As a payment option we accept cash and credit card. (No checks accepted).
The final bill should be settled prior to unloading.

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