A handful of packing tips and tricks that will help you make life a lot easier

There aren’t too terribly many people out there that like the idea of having to pack up all of their possessions when they are getting ready to move.

There is just something about having to put all of your possessions in boxes and containers, stuffing all of your stuff away to be moved, that really wears on people. That’s probably why so many people just simply throw stuff into boxes and hope for the best while they are moving.

Of course, this translates into all kinds of headache and hassle after you have moved all of your stuff and are searching for things you know you packed but aren’t quite sure of where you put them.

Here are a couple of helpful packing tips and tricks from the best movers Studio City has to offer that will help make sure that your next move goes a lot smoother!

Pack an overnight bag containing all of your essentials

It’s never fun to realize that critical pieces of clothes, your toothbrush and your toiletries, and all of your other essentials are packed in the bottom of a box somewhere amongst the rest of your stuff – especially if you have to root through all of your packed belongings to try and dig them out.

To make sure that you never have to worry about that happening to you ever again, think about packing an overnight bag that contains all of your essentials – a new outfit, clean underwear, all of your essential toiletries, and anything else you absolutely need – and keep it separate from everything else so that you have it with you when you need it most.

Keep your overnight bag filled with:

  • Your toothbrush and toiletries
  • At least one full change of clothes
  • A meal or two that can be easily prepared without unpacking your entire kitchen

Pack things you need immediately in a clear container

It’s also a good idea to pack things that you are going to need almost immediately after moving in a clear container so that you can locate those critical possessions in a hurry without having to dig through all kinds of containers.

This is going to save a time, but it will also help the movers in Studio City that you have decided to hire better understand and prioritize things that they move – placing your “essentials” in an easy to find location – so that you don’t have to tear your hair out hunting for them.

Wrap up anything that can break in closing to avoid having to purchase bubble wrap

Packing supplies are often provided by the best movers Studio City has to offer as part of the moving package that you pay for, but if you decide to “go it alone” when it comes to packing all of your stuff up your going to find that packing supplies are anything but inexpensive.

Cardboard boxes you can usually source from local retailers that are going to otherwise throw them all away, but bubble wrap and packing tape are two things that can cost a small fortune – especially when you have to purchase them in bulk quantities.

And while there is no getting around paying for packing tape, you are going to be able to save quite a bit of money by skipping out on buying bubblewrap and instead wrapping your “delicates” in pieces of clothing that you were going to have to move anyway.

Pack your glasses in clean socks for extra security

To make sure that none of your glassware breaks during the move you’re going to want to not only wrap individual pieces up in your clothes, but you’re going to also want to make sure that you pack clean socks into your glasses so that you protect them from the inside as well.

Label absolutely EVERYTHING

Obviously needs always a good idea to label all of your boxes so that you know exactly what is in each and every single one of them, but it’s also a great idea to label where these boxes are going to go in your new home so that the best movers Studio City has to offer are able to get them there without any headache or hassle.

All things considered, each and every one of these tips and tricks will go a long way towards making sure that you are able to pack up and move without anywhere near as much frustration as before.

If you really want a frustration free move, however, you’ll want to hire a top-flight moving service like The Movers Best to do all of the heavy lifting for you!

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