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We hire only professional movers from Pasadena, with many years of experience in moving sphere.

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We know how to get to any place as fast as it can be done, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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4 Trucks is specially dedicated for Pasadena, so you could expect moving without any delays.

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We do any types of move, Residential, Commercial, Long Distance. Any Type of residence, Home, Apt., Condo.

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When you need to move to another house, apartment or studio in Pasadena, the best decision will be hiring professionals. Our company can recommend you our Pasadena moving and storage, providing best service for several years. These are strong men, who are never afraid of hard physical job. Vice versa, they seek it. This job feeds movers Pasadena and their families. We organize the work of our movers Pasadena the way, they do not feel tired for a long time. All our trucks are equipped with special tools and movers Pasadena use dollies and belts to load and unload these vehicles. Before loading the trucks our movers Pasadena always check if your belongings are safely packed and wrapped into shrink paper and soft blankets. If not, movers Pasadena do it fast and professionally. We never hire any men who use drugs or show any addiction to alcohol. Only healthy, hard-working persons can become movers Pasadena – the part of our company. Most of movers Pasadena are guys who live in the city or in its suburbs. They know the roads perfectly. Thus, hiring movers Pasadena to move you to another city, you can be sure: the move will be fast, safe and free from “adventures”. When movers Pasadena come to your house on the appointed day, they will ask you if you have things to pack. Do not feel confused if you forgot packing some items. It is the task of our movers Pasadena – packing things, wrapping them, loading the truck. Forget the effort taking disassembling and assembling the furniture: our specialists do it professionally!

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You should never pay any extra money for these jobs – wrapping things and assembling the furniture. These are “musts” for our movers Pasadena, and they do it very fast. However, you must not ask movers Pasadena to do the work they cannot do. For instance, if you ask them to watch your small children while they work, they will not do it. Professional movers Pasadena can take responsibility only for the jobs they are supposed to do. These jobs are packing and wrapping the things, disassembling and reassembling your pieces of furniture, loading the trucks, arranging your stuff in the new house. We recommend you to read the contract before signing it: it will help you to understand the volume of the work our movers Pasadena must do for you.

I had a excellent experience with Move Pro LA movers, and I would definitely use them for my next move. Highly recommend them!

Jessica W. from Hollywood to Pasadena

Outstanding service. This company is truly best at what they do. They came right on time and were fast, professional, and friendly. Great guys!

Collin C. form NOHO to Pasadena

I moved about a month ago and used Move Pro. After contacting several companies, Move Pro gave me the most reasonable quote.

Judy J. from Pasadena to Pasadena

Movers Pasadena
Pasadena is a very cozy, compact city placed in Los Angeles County. Although the city is rather small (about 140 thousand people living there), the name Pasadena is well known even overseas. Romanic people love this place for its fantastically beautiful Tournament of Roses Parade. Many students from the USA and other countries have a dream: to study in California Institute of Technology. For many times this school was called among the best educational institutions in the USA and in the world. Another dream and attraction of people who want to study in Pasadena is The Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. The best chefs of the world graduated from this college and gave the world and us the best tasty dishes ever! The city is a romantic place: flowers, palms, flourishing bushes – Pasadena fauna is fantastic! However, this paradise is still very expensive for many of the citizens. People, living in Pasadena for years, can rent their apartments all this time. Californian and Pasadena mortgage is very high. To pay for it, you need to have a very good annual income, which is not easy for everybody.

Still 13% of citizens are officially called “poor”. That is why our company never asks too much for the work of our movers Pasadena: we understand that not all people have very good wages. When you come to our company to hire movers Pasadena, you can be sure: once you pay for their work, you should never pay extra. We never have any hidden fees for any jobs, which movers Pasadena do.