Move estimate is usually a complex index which depends on many factors. The most important ones are, of course, the distance of the move, the amount of time the move will take and the weigh of the items. Another important factor that influences your move estimate is additional services. The more options you need, the more you pay. All these quantities are variable so you can never know beforehand how much you move will cost.

But an accurate move estimate is required if you don’t want to get an unpleasant surprise after finishing of all the processes. Until recently, the clients had to do a great job to get a preliminary move estimate. Firstly, they had to get recommendations from their friends, relatives or acquaintances. Then they had to go scanning to choose two or three companies with the best lists of services and the most affordable prices.

But this was not a precise move estimate yet. The potential customers needed to make several more steps before the before the conclusion of the contract. They had to connect the company’s representatives for several times to clarify all the details and organize a meeting with one of them to make up a detailed move estimate and to fix everything in the contract.

Nowadays making up an accurate move estimate is much easier and quicker: most movers offer the clients to fill in an online quote containing simple questions about the date, the distance and the approximate amount of the load. Such quotes are usually linked to online calculators with the set parameters. Having filled such a quote, you will get an approximate move estimate just in a few seconds.

In spite of these indicator’s being quite sharp, even an online calculating cannot prevent you from unpleasant surprises. The thing is that a lot of companies lead an unfair game hiding some fees during the initial move estimate and then making the clients pay more than they expected. There is no other way to solve the problem but contacting verified companies with good reputation like Move Pro La offering really clear and fair move estimate.

The online quote offered by Move Pro La doesn’t contain too many questions but it requires the most important information which is necessary for making up a correct move estimate. We do all we can to make our pricing policy extremely clear so our clients may be sure that the real price for the basic set of services won’t differ from the price that was calculated after filling in the quote.

As to additional services, you may order or abandon them any moment before your move starts. You may correct your order by phone or online, or during a meeting with a company’s representatives. Ordering the moving services from move Pro La you will get not only a fair move estimate but a great economy of money and a great level of safety: our company takes all the material responsibility and offers insurance covering. Having become our client you will never loose because fair estimate together with adequate pricing can satisfy any customer.

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