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We hire only professional movers from Marina Del Rey, with many years of experience in moving sphere.

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We know how to get to any place as fast as it can be done, so you don’t need to worry about it.

4 Specially Dedicated Trucks

4 Trucks is specially dedicated for Marina Del Rey, so you could expect moving without any delays.

Moving any types of residence

We do any types of move, Residential, Commercial, Long Distance. Any Type of residence, Home, Apt., Condo.

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Marina Del Rey

Psychologists tell us that moving house, along with divorce and a death in the family, can be one of the most traumatic experiences a human being can undergo. Prized furniture gets scratched, heirlooms go missing, and three months after the event you still don’t know where the toaster is.

Yet, move you must; so it’s well worth the few extra dollars to find the most professional help available. A Marina Del Rey moving company worth its salt will be very concerned with maintaining its local reputation, which means doing everything they can to make you a happy customer.

Additional services might include help with packing or unpacking (particularly of fragile, valuable items), dis-assembling and reassembling furniture, and even temporary storage. You might be thinking, right now: “But I can do all that myself, it won’t take much time, and I’ll save some money.” However, on the dreaded day, you won’t have time. Details you will have forgotten about, or never even considered, will take up every minute.

Children will be crying or confused, pets will have gone missing, and friends and neighbors will all be demanding each of them gets to spend half an hour saying goodbye, again. How can you mitigate the inevitable disasters which will follow? Marina del Rey moving service-with-a-smile is a big part of the answer.

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Movers from Move Pro LA were polite and accommodating. I can’t be any happier with Thanks for everything.

Lisa K. from Long Beach to LA

They arrived at 9:30am (my arrival window was 9 -10 am) and moved my stuff in just under the 4 hours. I couldn't believe it.

Rob G. form Chino Hills to Long Beach

They finished the job faster. I had almost a full day to unpack and relax. Best moving experience in years. Thanks guys! You are THE BEST

John M. from Granada Hills to Woodland Hills

Marina Del Rey, CA Movers

In Marina Del Rey, CA Movers, by law, have to be registered with and approved by the state government. This means that their company details, including proof of liability insurance and other legal requirements, are on file. If there is a dispute, the CPUC employ impartial investigators who have experience in similar cases. A finding of wrongdoing on the movers’ part can lead to anything from their accreditation being placed in jeopardy, to referral of the matter to other authorities. No company will willingly risk such an investigation, which is perhaps the real power of this kind of license. Even with these legal protections in place, however, there are still some professional companies with dedicated staff, and some others which only go through the motions before stepping back and waiting for the check to clear. So, how do you determine which is a good moving company in Marina Del Rey near me? The obvious first step is to contact the California Public Utilities Commission ( and ask: “Are XYZ Ltd. In Marina Del Rey, CA movers?” It’s easy enough for company XYZ to say “Of course,” so one phone call can save you a world full of trouble. If they are able to provide references, good; but if you are more concerned with them rarely doing things wrong, as opposed to having gotten it right three or four times, consumer activism websites such as hellopeter are a valuable resource. Be aware that a number of the past clients complaining on these websites simply have no legitimate grievance, which is why businesses are given the chance to respond. If you see one such response which reads (only for example): “Agreed pickup and loading time was 9 a.m, we waited until noon for them to finish packing, then had to go to another job but promised to be back next day. Not sure what the problem was,” I’d provisionally side with the moving company in this case.

A good Marina Del Rey moving service can make the difference between a relatively hassle-free day and a total disaster, so how do you know whether you’re contracting one of best professional moving companies in Marina Del Rey? Marina Del Rey movers will typically have no problem providing proof of workman’s comp and liability coverage, as long as you ask politely. Any Marina Del Rey professional moving service will be happy to do so, and will probably have the documentation near to hand, or ready to fax over. They will also expect you to be fair in terms of declaring the value of your goods for insurance purposes, sticking to the dates and times agreed on, and not understating the weight of your goods, or the truck space they will occupy. If you do this, they will have no problem in helping you in overcoming whatever unforeseen difficulties arise, and with a smile, too. This spirit of cooperation can make all the difference between a day you would do anything to forget, and one you will remember for the rest of your life.