Changing the place of your living you can save money on your moveand do it in a smart way.

1. What you need to do to move to a new place cheaper and faster

Start planning your moving beforehand. Do not leave everything to the last day, or your moving will cost several times more.

Check your household items. Sell the unnecessary things using marketplaces and garage sales. Donate clothes and furniture which you do not need in your new house. Give your friends products and drinks which you store at home. Less things at home will save money on your move and of course, your time.

Packing your things in a smart way will also save money on your move: find large boxes for your home stuff. Do not forget to label each of the boxes, using special stickers or using bright marker.

2. Choose a moving company

To save money on your move you should choose the moving company with good reputation. Remember that a cheapskate always pays twice. Once you trust to some unknown “organizations”, you can get broken furniture and tableware or “lose” something on the way to your new home.

Cost of a moving company services is determined by the hourly work of professional movers, packers and trucks, so to save money on your move you have to minimize the time of this work. Pack all the stuff, sign the boxes and place them  the way to take out comfortably.

Choose the right size of the truck so the vehicle won’t be too large and it will be spacious enough to place all your stuff there. Knowing the size of your things at home you can make a plan – a scheme of the things location in the truck. It will help you to know how much cargo space you’ll need, save money on your move and reduce the time you will spend on your moving.

3. How to save money on your move when you have a truck

If you have a truck use it to move your home stuff to your new house. It will save money on your move as the movers will work less time with your loads.

Call your friend who has a large truck to help you in moving. It will be a triple profit. Your buddy will help you to save money on your move as he will use his truck for moving your things. He can be a great helper in loading home units as well. At last he will be this one whom you will give the  things you do not need in your new house, food and alcohol.

So as you see the best variant to save money on your move is planning everything in advance, following your plans, packing everything into the boxes or cases. Give up an idea to hire strangers as loaders. Here you should forget about economy. Hiring trusted companies to help with your moving will be the smartest decision when changing your place of living.

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