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We hire only professional movers from Glendale, with many years of experience in moving sphere.

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We know how to get to any place as fast as it can be done, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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4 Trucks is specially dedicated for Glendale, so you could expect moving without any delays.

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We do any types of move, Residential, Commercial, Long Distance. Any Type of residence, Home, Apt., Condo.

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Glendale Moving and Storage

In case you wish to come to live in Glendale, CA, and when you are planning to live it for good, call us and hire the best Glendale movers service, working with our company for years. No one in the place will help you the way, as our moving company Glendale will do it. Most of them live or used to live in the city. They know the roads of the place perfectly. As we hire only free from addictions Glendale movers, the history of our company counts thousands of successful moves and hundreds of positive reviews left by our customers. We often get telephone calls: people, whom we helped, ask us to thank our Glendale movers personally. We do it and we are very thankful to each of our customers, who left online a couple of warm words about Glendale movers and our company.

Moving with Glendale movers is always fast, cheap and safe. Your belongings and cargo are insured. The team of Glendale movers never breaks or damages your things. The home stuff, which you need to move to your new home, is carefully wrapped into the blankets and shrink paper. In case our customers are not in time to pack their belongings, professionals will do it quickly. We guarantee the safe move of your things to the new place despite of the distance. You can move within the city or hire Glendale movers for your long distance move. In each case your furniture, clothes, personal things, electronics and whatnot will be safe. You can hire one truck and two or more Glendale movers and vehicles: the choice depends on the amount of things you have to move. Do not worry that you cannot take a day-off to watch your move. We have teams of Glendale movers, working on weekends. Hiring our Glendale movers to help you, you make the best choice ever. You save money, get new friends (our Glendale movers are really nice people) and turn your move into a superb event.

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They did an excellent job of wrapping up my belongings and moving them into my new apartment. I definitely recommend Move Pro LA

Alex M. from Santa Monica to Glendale

Fantastic move. They packed my entire kitchen, furniture, electronics, framed photos, and moved our three bedroom condo for less than they originally quoted me.

Kevin T., form Glendale to West Hollywood

My moving experience was great. I've moved 3 times in the past 5 yrs. This was the best one yet. The crew was fast, efficient and professional.

Meg L. from Orange County to Glendale

The city of Glendale is the north suburb of Los Angeles. Over 35% of 200 000 people living there are ethnic Armenians; however, the mixture of races and nationalities in this place is as rich as everywhere in California. Glendale has become the first place in the world where the world famous Baskin Robbins ice-cream café was opened. Disney Television Animation, International Karate Association are also placed there. Glendale is famous for its cemetery of celebrities – Memorial Park Forest Lawn. The visitors of Forest Lawn can visit graves of Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Alan Marshal, Robert Williams, Lester Cuneo and other celebrities who passed away since 1906. Exactly that time the Forest Lawn was opened. According to the idea of the cemetery founder, its look should be optimistic. Thus, the place atmosphere is the same warm as in the other places of Glendale. The place attracts many people still. The flood of the new citizens is not so powerful as it was in 1920-1930s, when the growth of population reached 380% per year, but still new people come to this blessed land to live there.

As real estate in Glendale is expensive, 60% of houses are rented. Only 40% of population in the area owns their households. Glendale mortgage is one of the most expensive in the USA, as the “average” home costs over $800,000. Since these reasons, many of people living in the houses have to move to the new homes often. Our Glendale movers know this fact. The team of professionals is always ready to come to the Move Pro LA customer and help him to relocate to the new place. Your move with our Glendale movers will be safe, inexpensive and very fast.