Insurance advice for commercial moving: tips and recommendations

Unfortunately, we can not always protect our office commercial stuff against damages and accidents – fire, natural disasters, theft, or other unexpected things that may happen when your company relocates to another place. A caring owner, hiring a moving company, should buy a Commercial moving insurance to protect his property!

The rules of Commercial moving insurance taken in one company and in one state can differ from the rules and policy of the other company. However, most of Commercial moving insurance rules are regulated by the State law. Each time the moving company and commercial organization can work out their own plan of moving.

For example, in California the moving company should have Commercial moving insurance, which is minimum $20.000 per one shipment. The moving companies in this state, which hire the movers themselves (subcontractors) should buy a $15.000 bond.

Moving company can offer the client the following types in insurances: Commercial moving insurance with full value protection and Commercial moving insurance with released reliability. Besides, the moving company provides the organization with a basic moving insurance.

Basic Commercial moving insurance cover

This insurances foresees covering the damaged commercial stuff by its weight. In case your property is damaged or lost you will get $0.60 for 1 pound of the stuff weight. It means, if the moving company deals with the moving weight of 100.000 pounds, your company which property was lost or seriously damaged can get $60.000. It will be the basic moving insurance cover.

Full protection Commercial moving insurance cover

This type of insurance foresees the company will totally replace the customer’s commercial property damage (if it happens). The customer pays for this type of Commercial moving insurance and estimates the value of the property himself. In case the office stuff is lost or damaged, the insurance company will cover the loss and damage 100%. However, this insurance is expensive.

Released Value Coverage Commercial moving insurance cover

This type of insurances offers to replace the destroyed or damaged stuff with the good one or repair the broken things. For additional price you can insure separate commercial and office units.


You should purchase you Commercial moving insurance in advance. Before buying the moving insurance read carefully all its paragraphs and ask the insurance company to explain you the moments which seem to you non-clear.

Professional moving companies provide services only in accordance with the contract signed by client, which clearly describes all rights and obligations of both parties.

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